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Laser in the Loft

DISHWASHER CLEAN DIRTY MAGNET Rustic Farmhouse Inspired - Natural Shiplap Look

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This is my Favorite one! We start out by painting the wood white and then we laser off all the paint except for what  you see left. This one takes longer to run then most of the rest but it looks really neat. This cute rustic farmhouse inspired dishwasher magnet laser engraved to look like natural unfinished shiplap will help you keep track of whether the dishes in the dishwasher are clean or dirty. Magnet measures 3-3/4 inches and is cut from 1/4" plywood, lettering, vine pattern and shiplap lines are white and slightly raised from the natural wood background, and engraved with a script "clean" and print "dirty" and a cute vine pattern separating the two words. This magnet is not vinyl it is actually laser engraved and has texture and dimension. Simply spin the the magnet on the front of your dishwasher to indicate whether the dishes are done or still dirty. This is the only one that pictures just don't do it justice. We took some side photos to help you see how it was done. 
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- Color: natural wood & white
- Material: wood
- Pattern: circle